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See below for the short list of available song titles, or check the Song Index for a complete listing and description of all of my songs and streaming sound files of many of the songs.

To record a song on a CD, contact me and I will send you a letter of agreement. The fee is equal to the current Harry Fox rate (currently 9.1 cents per song per manufactured CD or digital download sale).
My songs are registered with Broadcast Music International (BMI). Most cabarets and performance spaces pay a blanket license for spot performances of songs in the BMI catalogue; there is no further charge for such performances.
To include songs of mine in a structured revue or theatrical presentation, contact me with your proposal and we'll draft a letter of agreement concerning the royalty and performance rights.
Please note that Miss Gulch Returns! and The Two Svengalis are copyrighted works (book, music & lyrics) and may not be presented without prior permission and letters of agreement. Although individual songs from these productions are available to individual performers in the situations indicated above, the shows themselves are protected and are available for production solely by legitimate theatrical production companies, by prior letter of agreement (contact me).

See the SONGS page to hear excerpts and see a complete songlist with annotations.
  • Break My Heart
  • Devil-May-Care
  • Don't Give Me A Song And Dance
  • Don't Make Me Go Back To My Man
  • Everyone Worth Taking
  • Give My Best To The Blonde
  • I Can Be An Icon Too
  • I Guess I'll Have To Go Back To My Men
  • I Loved The Cruise
  • I Told You All Along
  • I Want A Great Big Beautiful Blonde
  • I Wish I Were A Kid Again/You've Gotta Be Kidding
  • I'd Love To Love Someone
  • I'll Never Get Over You
  • I'm A Bitch
  • I'm The Queen And You're Not
  • I'm Your New Mama Now
  • Is There A Man In The House?
  • It's Not My Idea Of A Gig
  • The Lover After Me
  • No, I'm The Top (The Schizo Song)
  • Party Girl
  • Pour Me A Man
  • Pour Me A Man Encore
  • Santa Won't Sell
  • Since It's Half As Good As They Say, I Want Twice As Much As I've Got
  • Suffocated Lady
  • There's A String Tied To A Good Time
  • Trying To Remember
  • Welcome To The Theatre